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Are you facing these problems?

Why don’t move for better opportunity?

“I feel so happy, my colleagues are so good to me!”

We care all about our staff’s mood, emotion, and their idea.

“I’ve got recognized by my company!”

We have comprehensive career direction, generous benefits, and talent cultivation program.

“Everyone here has a chance!”

We treat everyone equally, and there is a chance for everyone who is motivated.

Join Our Family

Our Culture

Transparent Pay System

We let every staff who join us have a clear understanding of our salary structure.

Affinity Team, treat everyone as family

Strictly no office politics! We treat everyone equally, friendly and nicely.

Excellent Promotion Opportunities

We will plan your career path for you and lead you to the right way.

Why join us?

At 0.9 Mart you will have more promotion opportunities, we will create more series of courses for you to learn and earn money meanwhile.

Outwardly we are a convenience store, but internally we like family and we make you feel like you are at your home while in working.

We progress all together, because we believe that a team need continuous improve so that we can fulfill our mission and responsibility and serve all the customer more professional.